Massage VGV001 Li Moon Short Hair

Massage VGV001 Li Moon Short Hair play

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PORN: Josie king was a nice looking girl, slim build with long dark hair that had a kink down one side, she was shy, yet there was something about her that made her look kinda naughty, like maybe she wasn’t quiet as innocent as first thought, men were drawn to her, almost like she had put a spell on them, yet she never quite understood why Babe. She turned around within his arms, he moved in close smelling her sweet perfume “mmmm” he smiled “is that Angel your wearing?” he nuzzled her neck sending shivers down her body, his hands firmly squeezing her thighs “I want you” he whispered. He lifted her pink top up kissing her tummy, his hands finding her breast pinching her hardens nipples gently, Josie moaned grasping at him pulling him closer, her hand found his hard cock she moaned with pleasure at the size of it, pressing it to her opening, rubbing it back and forth
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. . 'Whats so funny?' asked Jayne 'I've just thought of a good title for the picture' 'What?' ' :P and LesBoy' 'Oh Yes


Cast: Li Moon
Duration: 00:20:25
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VGV001 Li Moon